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Hopefully the rest of this year is as great as the beginning, as it is off to a great start. Last Spring, I chose to leave a position in a small marketing company with the intention of consulting with clients I had prior to joining that company. What started as a handful of consulting positions has turned into AdVantagePoint Market Research Solutions, a marketing advisory and consultancy company with two separate divisions; Market Research/Project Management and Small Business Marketing. In the past two weeks, AdVantagePoint has been recognized for both of those divisions, separately and for different reasons. Given the amount of hard work, determination, and support from family and friends, it felt amazing to be recognized.

Recently, I was informed that an interview conducted last month had made the cut for an upcoming book on insights and innovation with an emphasis on hybrid studies. An interview and recent case study will be mentioned in the book. The specific case study had been recognized separately for being the reason for an impressive fourth quarter, as the recommendations and implementations lead to a significant increase in customer retention and loyalty for the brand. The author of the book is an accomplished author and entrepreneur, so I felt very honored to even be approached about it, so actually making the cut was a huge bonus. Annoucement of the book is coming up soon, and expected to be released this year.

In addition to the custom research design and project management, I designed an innovative business model and strategic approach for small business marketing and advertising. Throughout the past few months, we have created, monitored, measured and modified the customized packages for affordable and effective marketing. The packages include a mobile loyalty program that can be tailored to each unique business and community, providing business owners iPads and full POS integration options. The full outsourcing packages are less expensive than hiring an entry level associate to work part time. Our personalized packages: Main Street Modern, Local Leverage and Hometown Advantage, were the main reason we were contacted by a well known publication regarding their 30 UNDER 30 UP AND COMING ENREPRENEURS issue. As Initial results have proven to be very effective in optimizing the following: lead generation, customer acquisition, customer retention, customer loyalty, conversion rate, and customer lifetime value. The business model includes an integrated approach and omni-channel execution which is perfect for our customer centric and buyer empowered market. We help our clients punch above their weight class by utilizing the same high impact tools and techniques as Fortune 500 companies, while still maintaining their attentive and personalized customer service. Our knowledge and application of technology to business opportunities, combined with our vast experience and custom business model, we have leveled the playing field for our small business clients.

The well known business publication informed me that I was one of their 30 UNDER 30 finalists, and a qualifier for their Showcase & Support Award. The winner of the award will be showcased in a future magazine article, and receive financial support to be used on further expansion and job creation. The award is part of their INNOVATION & COLLABORATION: 30 UNDER 30 UP AND COMING ENTREPRENEURS magazine issue that will come out this March. All 30 qualifiers are business owners/ entrepreneurs, under the age of 30 and currently operate a successful business that was established in the past 3 years. While all of us come from diverse backgrounds, locations (initial consideration included 24 global cities) and industries, all of us are considered to be innovators in our field according to the publications board of directors. Next week, 3 out of the 30 will move on to the next round, and it will be determined by social media, specifically Facebook Likes and Shares. Only then will the publication formally announce the contest and set up a poll on their website to narrow the 3 finalists down to the one winner.

As one of the 30 under 30, AdVantagePoint Market Research Solutions is in the running to get financial support to continue expansion. We are located in the Hudson Valley/Greater NY Metropolitan Area, but our strategic partnerships and in-house capabilities allow us to work with clients in more than 50 global cities. While innovation, proprietary techniques and creativity played a huge role in choosing the 30 under 30, local and global impact was another determining factor in their decision. Our long term and short term goals both include job creation and creating a cycle of increased fiscal strength on a local level. Our (very near- launching this week) future plans include Modern Workforce Solutions, a no overhead approach to keeping up with our rapidly changing and constantly connected society. This modern approach enables companies of any size to gain access to the latest and greatest technology, tools and techniques without the cost of software or the time spent training. The approach will help businesses cut costs, while creating jobs; including FT, PT and remote options (locally and nationally).


We will also be posting numerours jobs this week, so be on the look out for all of those.

Interested in signing up for marketing studies? Check out our site to join our database :)


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